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JON D. Nelson - Composer, Co-founder

Jon D. Nelson is a composer and pianist from Sun Prairie, WI and a graduate of Ball State University, where he received his bachelor's in music composition studying closely with Dr. Jody Nagel, and Dr. Michael Pounds. His music has been selected for performances by various ensembles throughout the United States, including performances by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra, and several collegiate ensembles. During his studies at Ball State, Nelson was active in composing music for short films in addition to writing for other forms of media, including mobile applications, commercial advertisements and documentaries. Nelson’s keyboard playing can be heard on numerous studio recordings for artists and ensembles spanning a wide range of styles from pop music and jazz quartets, to film music and classical piano recordings. Alongside his work as a composer, he has spent five years writing and performing as a member of award winning band, Trackless, with colleagues Jordan West, Jeremy Jones, and William Smith, who together gained success through a loyal fan base in the Midwest, as well as throughout the Los Angeles area. In 2016, Nelson founded Resonance; a program dedicated to mentoring high school music students with passion for creating new music, and presenting concerts of entirely original concert music. As of late, Nelson continues to take on new composition projects, collaborating with artists throughout the communities that he has grown close to.

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