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Resonance is a program dedicated to teaching high school music students throughout various communities how to write music and providing an opportunity for them to create, manage, and compose for an ensemble all their own. Etc... < (temporary stuffs)



Tell Story of Resonance, How it came to be, what we aim to accomplish, and what we intend to draw out of various communities. < (temporary stuffs)



Showcase / describe highlights of Resonance 2017 in Sun Prairie, WI in collaboration with the Arts Alliance in Sun Prairie Performing Arts Center. < (temporary stuffs) - 

Describe attendance of concert, community engagement, one on one lessons, student composition, student ensembles, leadership opportunities for students, highlight any awards won by standout student composers, describe content of the March 4th program, describe press coverage, etc.

2017 Resonance Composers in Sun Prairie, WI:   Photo By Kayla Nelson - Left to Right: &nbsp;Jon D. Nelson, Emma Johannson, Jonathan Gunderson, Antillica Xiong, Jenny Lamprech, Megan Rault, William C. Smith. (Not pictured: Andy Anderson and Jacob Couch)

2017 Resonance Composers in Sun Prairie, WI:

Photo By Kayla Nelson - Left to Right:  Jon D. Nelson, Emma Johannson, Jonathan Gunderson, Antillica Xiong, Jenny Lamprech, Megan Rault, William C. Smith. (Not pictured: Andy Anderson and Jacob Couch)

On The Founders of Resonance:

JON D. NELSON is a composer and pianist, from Sun Prairie, WI. Nelson is a recent graduate of Ball State University, where he received his bachelor's in music composition studying closely with Dr. Jody Nagel, and Dr. Michael Pounds. His music has been selected for performances by various ensembles throughout the United States, including performances by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra, and several collegiate ensembles. During his studies at Ball State, Nelson was active in composing music for short films in addition to writing for other forms of media, including mobile applications, commercial advertisements and documentaries. Nelson’s keyboard playing can be heard on numerous studio recordings for artists and ensembles spanning a wide range of styles from pop music and jazz quartets, to film music and classical piano recordings. Alongside his work as a composer, he has spent five years writing and performing as a member of award winning band, Trackless, with colleagues Jordan West, Jeremy Jones, and William Smith, who together gained success through a loyal fan base in the Midwest, as well as throughout the Los Angeles area. In 2016, Nelson founded Resonance; a program dedicated to mentoring high school music students with passion for creating new music, and presenting concerts of entirely original concert music. As of late, Nelson continues to take on new composition projects, collaborating with artists throughout the communities that he has grown close to.


WILLIAM C. SMITH is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in Chicago, IL. He performs primarily as a classical guitarist, either solo works, or with his duo partner and guitarist, Paul Witkamp, with works ranging from traditional repertoire to their own arrangements and compositions.

He took up the guitar at the age of 11 and was primarily self-taught for the first 7 years of playing. He first began consistent instruction during his undergraduate studies at Ball State University, where he received a BM in classical guitar performance. There he studied primarily under guitarist, Paul Reilly. He also studied jazz guitar with Shawn Salmon, and contemporary electric guitar technique with Derek Johnson. After graduating in 2013 he moved to Chicago where he pursued his MM in classical guitar performance at DePaul University. There he continued his guitar instruction under the direction of Mark Maxwell. He became increasingly familiar with contemporary classical music through his work with DePaul’s contemporary music ensemble, Ensemble 20+, led by Michael Lewanski. He was fortunate to work closely with the composition faculty in various other performance and educational programs.

William has been especially active as a teacher for most of the 16 years that he has played guitar. Within a year of playing he was teaching what he could to his peers, family, friends, and individuals in his church community. By college he was offering instruction to students preparing for their auditions into the guitar program. Since moving to Chicago he has become actively involved in various community music programs and early childhood education, where he devotes himself to continuing education and ongoing research to yield the most effective, tactful, and effective approaches to private instrument instruction. Having worked in the field as a performer, composer, and educator, William strives to teach to the whole musician - a musician that can fully express himself or herself in their art and practice.